Tuesday, 5 February 2013

January Love

I have to admit when it comes to beauty pieces, I haven't ventured into new territory this past month or picked up much in the shops but I have been using these few things and been enjoying them all. 

Firstly is the No7 'Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water' I picked this up in Boots when they had their no7 £5 voucher offer on, isn't there always these vouchers floating around? Yes, so this cost me £3 pounds I think which is a bargain. I was hoping this would be the answer to my Bioderma dreams, but you can only use this for face and not eyes. Still it is a great little cleanser and I think I'd re-purchase when this runs out. 

The Boots Soltan Self-Tan Mist in Medium- Dark is a favourite of mine, this must be my 4th bottle. The smell first of all is lovely, my boyfriend even asked what perfume I had sprayed, not 'biscuit-y' in the slightest. This sprays really well too, a good fine mist and sprays at any angle and doesn't spit unevenly like other spray tan cans I've used before. The colour is great and buildable. This is my go-to tan. 

Along with the tanning product I of course need an exfoliant, the Soap and Glory Pulp Friction is beautiful. It smells lovely, has a good amount of grainyness to really give a good scrub and leaves your skin feeling fresh. What more could you ask for really? 

I bought these Boots Large Cotton Wool Pads after I saw Zoe (zoella) on Youtube mention how she uses the larger pads for makeup removing as one pad does your whole face, so off I popped to Boots but couldn't find the rectangular ones she mentioned but these do the trick. I use the No7 Cleasning water pumped on one half the pad and then an oil based eye makeup remover on the other side. I now prefer these to the regular round pads I would always buy and I think they might be 20p or so more than what I used to buy but they last me longer. 

I am very much a 'Lips' kinda gal than eyes and I tend to stick to either a smokey eye for a night out or absolutely zero eyeshadow at all, even though I own a whole bunch of it. I got the Naked Basics off of my sister for Christmas and I was really pleased. The colours are perfect for me, I really wanted the Clarins Odyssey eye palette when that came out last year but by the time I had realised this, it was already sold out. I like how this is very compact and I now use it most days, my favourites are Naked 2 all over my lid and Faint used under my lower lash line and sumdged out. 

Some non-beauty favourites are the TV show 'Homeland', me and my boyfriend got obsessed with it then around about the middle of Season 2 we had a lot of Uni work on and we forgot about it, I have recently rediscovered it and right after posting this I will sit with a coffee and watch the last episode of Season 2. Pretty excited. 

The sun, I am so grateful that the days are becoming longer and lighter and the weather seems to be picking up. I am so fed up of being cold and the wind is so frustrating. Roll on Summer! 

Rachel xo

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