Saturday, 9 March 2013

'A-Z' A is for Animal Print


For my little A-Z series of all things beauty and style related and I am starting, naturally, with 'A' for Animal Print. Love it or hate it, it is always available on the high street and can be done quite well, too. Dependent on how much leopard love you have, there are plenty of ways to incoporate it into your wardrobe. 

The sunglasses are from Zara and I personally love them, a subtleway to wear leopard print and sunglasses mean sun shining, nice weather out.. What is not to love? 

The scarf is also from Zara, it is not your typical animal print with the yellow and blue colours but it is lovely and bright which could really spruce up your outfit. 

The iPhone case is only £8 from River Island. 

Nail Rock wraps, another affordable and quick way to add a little something to an outfit. 

Red and blue animal print dress, ASOS. Absolutely love this dress, it is not obviosuly animal print but the shape and colours look lovely. I would wear this for the day and evening. Dress it down with a leather jacket and boots or slap a bit of tan on your legs, your best nude heels and clutch bag and you're ready for a nightout. 

The knickers are from Topshop, they are a high brief which maybe isn't practical day to day (VPL) but they look beautiful and I like that they arent the typical brown and black leopard print. Very glamorous. 

The shift dress, ASOS is a perfect day dress, you could wear it with black tights and a jacket. 

Found this snap of me wearing a Topshop wrap dress in leopard print, I like it as it's a bit different as it's grey toned.

This is a fovourite scarf of mine, from Warehouse, I bought it when I was a Fresher and it is huge, literally wrap myself in it when I'm cold, love it and it is my 'go-to' scarf. 

Yes, so that is my love for a little bit of animal print declared. It can be done without looking like Kat Slater. 

Rachel xo


  1. i love animal print too!

    Kamila xx

  2. I love animal print, I add at least a touch of it to most of my outfits! xx