Friday, 27 September 2013

Muji Lovin'

Muji is something my boyfriend has banged on about for years, and I've been dragged into the shop a million times before I ever really knew what is was. Aaron would obsess over their pens, candles and storage units long before I paid any interest, come to think of it, he would make the perfect blogger? 

Today he is happy we share some mutual muji-loving and it means we can potter around the shop together sharing our excitement in a clear zip pouch, eeep! This is all very nice for our memory bank but it does have some consequences on our actual banks, too. I've joined practically every other blogger in the make-up storage situation, but dammit, it works. 

The acrylic drawers home my most reached for beauty bits. I started with one individual drawer and stashed as many of my favourites as I could into the tiny slither of acrylic. I immediately loved the look and function of this sat on my dresser so I paid another visit to Selfridges and and plucked for a double drawer, bring my collection to a total of 3. Perfect, I think. I've organised it with a drawer for lips, eyes and face. 

On top of my makeshift make-up unit sits an array of brushes and tools, the white pot is IKEA and the rose gold one (my favourite) is from Next. 
Sat beside is a an edit of my skincare and things I'm currently loving and need within an arm's reach at all times. 

I love how this looks in my room and I'm pretty pleased with myself that I've filtered down and spruced up my make-up collection, now to tackle  the box I have hidden beneath my dresser- it's going to be lethal. 

Rachel xo 

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  1. i've been eyeing these drawers up for a while but always think my make up will be too thick to fit in the thin drawers but i think im just going to go for it anyway!