Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Review: COLAB Hair Dry Shampoo

First off let me start this by saying that I really, really do like Ruth Crilly (aka A Model Recommends) and she is one of the few Youtubers and bloggers that I really have the time of day for and would really buy into the brand that they create for themselves. I don’t know if it’s because she evidently has things going on outside of her internet life or perhaps because she is a little older and therefore wiser but she seems very ‘real’ and I like that.

That being said I was more than a little bit dubious about trying this product. Not that I wasn’t happy to see this woman do well for herself but because it seems to be a ‘thing’ now for famous internet folk to launch all sorts of paraphernalia and more often than not it targets the ‘tween market’ and stirs up a lot of hype around a product.

So I put off making a purchase, partly because of the aforementioned hype but also because I had a can of my trusty VO5 Refresh Me Quick (which I absolutely love and would recommend) lying around that I wanted to use up first.

Once that can of dry shampoo bit the dust I headed to Superdrug and had to elbow my way through a crowd of 11 year old girls (the ‘tweens’ I mentioned) who were testing each scent before all leaving empty handed due to lack of funds (remember the days you had to very carefully select where and what on you were going to spend your hard earned pocket money?). I opted for the London Classic fragrance as I didn’t want anything too fruity or heavily scented.

I had high expectations for this dry shampoo as I’ve tried several high end and drugstore labels, none of which compare to the VO5 one so for me to stray something would have to be seriously good.

Bravo, Ruth! This dry shampoo lives up to the hype it is in fact invisible as it claims to be, it really does lift the root to fix that ‘flat and oily’ problem you get when you’re really due a hair wash, the scent is entirely non-offensive and it is very affordable.

The test will really be when I use up my first can and I face the aisles of Superdrug VO5 or COLAB? Well, I will admit I am intrigued to try Tokyo…

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