Thursday, 10 March 2016

THE REVIEW: Impossible at The Regent Theatre

You know you’ve had a good night when it’s all you can talk about the next day. Well this was the case when I went along the Opening Night of Impossible at the Regent Theatre. I’m not the biggest magic fan but was really intrigued and quite excited to see this show as it seemed to have that good mix of different performers where the show is made up of several acts who each had their own style and brought a different approach to magic- it wasn’t all card tricks and never was a bunny pulled from a top hat!

Two and a half hours might sound like a lengthy amount of time for a magic show but I really enjoyed how the performance was broken up with lots of little acts (in time and quantity, certainly not quality) so you’re always on the edge of your seat as different acts perform.

There was the perfect mix and balance of dangerous stunts with all the accompanying lighting and moody music you’d expect and light humour with Chris Cox, the mind-reader-who-is-not-a-mind-reader, who was perhaps my favourite performer on the night. At parts we were laughing hysterically, others we were scratching our heads trying to decipher what we’d just seen and then there were those few moments where I swear nobody in the audience was breathing as we clung to our chests watching Jonathan Goodwin hang upside down and set alight on fire. No really, don.t try this at home!

Whether your taste in magic is to the old circusesque camaraderie or you’re into the more death-defying stunts with fire-breathing and disappearing assistants- there’s something for everyone in Impossible!

Impossible is playing at The Regent Theatre until Saturday 12th March. Tickets are available online or you can call the Box Office on 0844 871 7649.

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