Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Beauty Firsts tag

I saw Anna and Lily do this tag and thought it would be fun so here we go..

1.  What's your earliest beauty memory? 
 It would have to be my Nan's perfume Lancôme - Ô de Lancôme, in the green glass bottle. She always wore that perfume and it is what we would but her any occasion and when I was around 8 or so it was the only perfume I was really aware of and I always recognise that smell. 

 2. What was your first beauty purchase? 
I can't remember my exact first purchase, it was perhaps a Natural Collection clear mascara but I do remember a special purchase, when I was perhaps 13 or 14 and was going on holiday with my family, my Parents said I could choose something from Duty-Free and I chose a Givenchy lipgloss in a dusty rose colour, it was so so nice and I thought it was the most luxurious piece of makeup ever and loved popping it into my bag and reapplying at school. So chic.

3. When did you first wear makeup?

I first wore makeup in Year 8 when it was just a coat of mascara and a clear lipgloss but when I went into High School, aged 13 I wore 'proper' makeup, everything apart from filling in my eyebrows and I would wear lipgloss whereas today I never wear lipgloss and only wear lipstick. 

4. What was your first beauty disaster? 

This is easy, I remember when I watched Celebrity Big Brother and Chantelle, the 'non-celeb' was in the house and she always wore a bright green/ lime eyeshadow and I loved it, so much so that I remember buying a Collection 2000, back when it was all navy packaging, lime green eyeshadow. I have green eyes so it must have clashed terribly but I loved it and I think I must have thought I was very fashionable because it was on the telly.

5. Who was your first beauty crush?

Again, very easy to answer, Lauren Conrad. Way back when she was on Laguna Beach. She was so lovely and tanned and long blonde hair and simple but pretty eye makeup. Just epitomised natural gorgeousness, and I think she still is one of my beauty crushes.

6. What was your first brand crush?

YSL. From quite a young age I have used YSL makeup, my older sister used to work on a YSL counter so I was always fascinated with her job and woud visit her in our local beauty hall and see all the beautiful colours and the packaging is beautiful too. A few favourites are their Perfect Touch Radiant brush Foundation, the Semi-loose powder that you have to grind to get product ( looks very luxurious too if you use as a compact with the mirror inside, the blush radiance and the Shocking mascara. 

7. What's your longest standing beauty love?

Although it isn't very exciting, it would have to be Rimmel Volume Flash Max Mascara, in the black tube because I have used it for years now, and even though I do always buy different mascaras and have a few on the go at one time, I do always have a tube of this and use it over other mascaras for a bit of thickening. It is very affordable and always available too

Rachel x 

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