Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Favourite Nail Polishes

I am forever painting my nails and would even consider it to be a hobby of mine but I do find myself reaching for the same colours. I am definetly a dark nails girl but the odd lick of nude it acceptable too.This was meant to be my top 5 but I couldn't choose between some of these so this is rather just a selection of my collection to give an idea of my preferences. 

From left to right we have,  
Barry M - 47 'Black' - Quite self-explanatory, I love a good black nail, ever since I first saw it on Lauren Conrad from 'The Hills'. It looks so chic, especially on short nails, but I do have quite long nails naturally so I haven't reached for this as much in the last few months
Essie - 'Lady Godiva' - This is a beautiful dark red and rich brown which when applied with 2 coats looks black at a first glimpse. This is perhaps my favourite of all, and I also quite like it as after I had bought it, I only then noticed the name, Lady Godiva, which is associated with Coventry, my University city. 
Maybelline Forever Strong Pro - 'Really Rosy' - I own almost all of the Forever Strong nail polishes by Maybelline, the formula is excellent, they don't chip for about 5 days I'd say and they go on thick and opaque. I love this colour as it is a bright but dusky rose kind of colour, very pretty on your nails but still a darker hue of pink which I like a lot.
Barry M - 'Dusky Mauve' - Another Barry M polish, these can't really be beaten on price at £2.99 and I remember looking at this colour because I remember when Diet Coke bought out the offer with a free NailsInc polish and it was that gorgeous taupey grey, called London I believe? Well this colour is that lovely balance between a grey, taupe and a little hint of purple but just a darker hue overall, and as you can gather by now, I like dark colours for nails. 
Essie - 'Fiji' - This was the first ever Essie polish I purchased, and I remeber it was February 2012, I was living in Spain and I had an 'El Corte Ingles' voucher. (much like a John Lewis) I know this colour is very popular and I can see why, it is so opaque and a really pale pink. It looks lovely with tanned hands although I do find this looks better on slightly shorter nails than mine. Very pretty! 
Essie - 'Sand Tropez' - This is a light beige colour and I like to wear this when I want a neutral nail, it does need two coats to be opaque but I just love this colour and I put this on when I don't know what colour I want my nails. This also is a great base if you want to use a glitter polish on top, for that I like the Model's Own Ibiza mix. 

So there are my favourites, I am still searching for an opaque cream nail polish, I have looked at 'Cloud Nine' and 'Like Linen' by Essie online but I want to see it in person to know if it is really like. The story of my life, always on the hunt for a beauty product. 

Thanks for reading,
Rachel x  



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  1. love those nail polishes. cute blog - i'm now following you on gfc. hope you do the same xx