Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! 

So it's 2013 and I have never actually set myself any any resolutions before but seeing as I can document them on here now I have actually given it some thought and I have a list, some more meaningful than others. 

I am in my final year of University, I study Spanish and English language FYI, and I of course graduating itself isn't a resolution but I suppose graduating isn't a certainty, you can fail but it means to me that I want to really concentrate and do as best as I can with my degree, my exams end in May so it is just a 5 month stretch now.

Shape up/ diet, bien sûr
 The one on everyone's list. I have a gym membership and don't mind going too much but I got a bit lazy before Christmas as I had deadlines at Uni and never felt like going at the end of the day, when it is so dark outside at 4pm, so I need to get back into that. I eat relatively healthy too, but I just want to healthier.

Get a 'real' job
When I do graduate I don't expect to just walk into a career based  job, maybe if I'm lucky, but I don't want to get stuck back with a 'summer job' type job that I have between each Uni year, it can only be short term as I'll need to earn whislt job hunting. I honestly don't even know what I really want to do when I do graduate, a lot of things interest me so I think it will be a matter of seeing what is out there. 

Grow my hair
The actaul bane of my life, I do take good care of my hair and I am careful with heat and over-styling but my hair is sometimes dry and my mane (get it?) problem is it's brittleness, my hair can grow and it does, slowly but surely but it is fragile and snaps. I have some specific products that I use which I like and suit me (a post will follow) , as well as rocking a top knot 24/7 so stop myself straightening my hair, so fingers crossed my hair is on it's way to longer lengths. 

I have enjoyed reading blogs for 4 years now, discovered when I was a fresher and have faithfully read many blogs ever since and only last month did I start my own and I really want to get into it now, probably not the best timing seeing as it's Final year for me and all. I am not skilled on computers at all, and it is early days so it's all very basic, and I am borrowing my boyfriend's fancy camera but I am going to have a stab at this. 

This is just a little silly goal for myself now, I really want a Mulberry handbag, I know which one and we are talking the very end of 2013 if this will be happeing at all,but I think it would be lovely if after I have graduated, got a job and started earning some real money to be able to treat myself and have something as a reminder of my own hard work. Even if I don't manage this, I will have one someday. I have a beautiful Mulberry brooch that I received as a gift for my 21st birthday in February and I love it, so wearing that keeps me going and makes me resist blowing my student loan.

Have a happy and healthy new year, and come on 2013, be good. 

Rachel x

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