Monday, 4 February 2013

Instagram #1

Myself and Aaron, Friends came to visit me for a night out, Siblings.

Aaron and I, Brother turned 18!, Tasty duck.

Beer pong, Topshop hat in the sale for £10, Topshop Jumper.

Used some of my points point to try more of the Real Technique brushes, another cheeky topshop order, and after all my fun, back to reality with some Spanish translation. 

I've seen a lot of these types of posts floating around on blogs and I really like them, quick, easy and fun. This is a round up of my last week or so. 

There is so much I want to post about but I really need a camera and I have yet to learn how to use one, besides my little Samsung digital camera, which the charger is back at my parent's so utterly useless currently. 
I WILL get the hang of this.  

Rachel x    


  1. yay! I love a cheeky instagram post :) (I'm so nosey!) looks like you had a good week!!
    Also, do you have bloglovin'? I can't find a follow button on here :(. Cheers for the comment on my blog too, it's always great to hear other peoples perspectives on things :) x

    1. I have just added the bloglovin' button (I hope so anyway, terrible with technology) Thanks for visiting my blog I'm just starting and trying to get to grips with things. Rachel xx