Friday, 1 February 2013

Nail Care 101

First off, please excuse the images, I just snapped them quickly with my phone, my boyfriend is out and I don't know how to use his fancy DSLR. Camera virgin. 

Following my post about my favourite nail polishes I wanted to mention the nail base coat I swear by. It is the Revlon Post Trauma Nail Treatment, sounds dramatic doesn't it. 
It  'Fill Ridges, Strengthens & Restores Nails' and I love this under any nail polish because firstly it helps prevent staining from any polish and I use it in as a preventative to any nail trauma
Having long nails naturally I do think they are more vulnerable to breaking as they can get caught or knocked quite easily so I need all the strength I can get. 
Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I didn't paint my nails, I am trying to let them 'breath' but they look awful without any colour, like I have smoked 20 cigarettes, even though I've never smoked in my life,  so I put a coat of this on, it is a milky colour which makes my nails look better. 
Also, an obvious point to make but always carry a nail file, this has saved my nails a hundred times, where once you have snagged a nail there is the temptation to just rip it off but with a nail file you can salvage it. 
  And finally, call me crazy but I am sure that having your nails painted at all makes them stronger, even without any sort of treatment. I think that just having someting on your nails thickens them some how and forms a protective barrier. 

I am interested to try the OPI Nail Envy but at around £18 I aren't so sure. For now following my own nail regime is working swell. 

Rachel x 

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