Monday, 11 February 2013

Ombré Lips

I do hope I haven't put anyone off with my mouth just glaring at you.
As I have mentioned before, I am more of a 'lips' lady when it comes to my 'maquillaje' - makeup
and ever keen to try on a new pout than an eye look. Ombré has been a big trend for our hair, clothes, nails and now our make-up. I am guitly of succumbing to the dip-dye on my hair, I loved it but my lord, did it dry it out? I have many a Topshop dip-dye jumper or tee and I have played with ombré nails, all I have enjoyed, so I thought I should give my lips this same treat.

I was at first anxious about this as I thought it would make my already not so luscious lips appear smaller but it's only lipstick, I can swipe it off. I used 3 lipsticks and a black eyeliner, sounds odd I know but fear not- I lined my lips with the black liner, concentrating on the outer corners then I went all over with a favourite of mine, Rimmel Matte 107 then used a Lancôme lisptick, I acquired this from my Sister, it says it is called 'French Touch 306' but any dark purple would do the job. Always be sure to blend as you go and layer these colours. Lastly, I put another trusty Rimmel Matte, this time in 110, in the centre of my lips and rubbed my lips together to blend. Then came lots of blotting and re-applying wherever looks like it needs it. 

I really want to try this look, and hopefully to a higher standard and more amplified, for a night out, though I am conscious that it might not last long when meeting my friend, the wine glass. 

Rachel xo

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  1. That look pretty good! I love red lipstick too but I always have a hard time picking up the right brand that doesn't chip my lips.

    Mucha suerte con el blog. Besos! ;)