Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Would I wear?

After having a conversation the other day about different trends that have been and gone, and some that just don't seem to budge from our High-street, I got thinking about the trends that I myself wouldn't wear and what doesn't 'do' it for me. Straight off the bat, I have to say, I appreciate all fashion, trends and people's individual style, the more the merrier I say, as that is what I think makes our British style so unique and inspiring. Saying that, I know what I like and where I wouldn't venture into the bulging warbrobe that Britain offers, and I know why. As a rule you should dress to your body type. Dress according to your lifestyle or an occasion. Blah, blah etc..

So what has left a sour taste in my mouth? 

Trainers- Or any type of sports footwear. I bought my first pair of trainers last year when I took up running and they are strictly for my country lanes on a Sunday morning (or the Gym I joined back in Sept). I see so many girls wear Converse and footwear like that, and I think it looks really quite cool, but I just know it wouldn't look good on me and I'd feel self-concious and always be looking at my feet wanting to change back into my heeled chelsea boots.

Crop tops- These are very popular at the moment, and my local Topshop has quite the array. I can't see myself purchasing one because again, I like to dress to my body type and I'm quite 'hippy' and don't have the abs. 

Kitten heels- Quite simply, I just do no see the point in them.

Mixing prints- Now, I actually like this but I think it has do be done well and as for my own attempt at this look, I don't own many prints, a leopard print shirt here and Zara loose printed trousers there, which makes it near on impossible to try my hand at this look. Maybe one day. 

These are all that I could think of right about now and I want to reiterate that there is nothing wrong with any of these items, they just haven't made it into my wardrobe. I do have a long list in my head of some particular 'looks' that I definitely do love and wear which I might write about some time soon

Genuinely interested to hear of any looks or pieces of clothing that just don't float your boat? 

Rachel xo  

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