Friday, 15 February 2013

Wishlist #2

Like and want

I really want to get some new make-up storage and these Muji drawers are right up my street, and the Boy won't mind them in our bedroom as he is a big Muji fan - link here

I saw this bag in Topshop at the Bullring last weekend and just fell in love, it is quite small but the leather is buttery soft and I like the front pocket for some reason. I would personally carry it by the handle but it is always handy to have an attachable strap for when you are lugging around a lot some days. It is a bit pricey for a high street bag at £80 but it is leather and a perfect 'everyday' bag for me as I write in A5 notebooks which this bag would fit nicely. I can justify anything if I want to buy it. 

I used to work for Yankee Candle and I think they are affordable. I have never tried the Strawberries and Cream scent but I know it is sickly sweet which I tend to like. I have always bought the jar candles but I think I want to get a tumbler necxt time. 

Way back when in December, Topshop had lots of different coloured glitter socks and they looked so cute just peeping out of ankle boots, they are now impossible to find as it is S/S 13 in the shops now but If i ever see some I'll grab them and keep them for the cold and wet days I'm sure we will have here in Britain despite the season. Might even try the 'socks and sandals' look  a la Fearne Cotton

I am not a money carrier, it is debit card all the way with me. Hence, I am thinking of getting this Whistles beauty. I love the Croc effect and the crispness with it being white but with the lovely gold emboss. So simple but chic. Just beautiful. I think it holds 3 cards which is enough for me on a day to day basis. WANT, WANT. 

Rachel xo

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  1. That's a great bag!

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