Monday, 18 February 2013

Birthday Eve Prep

Every girl knows that the best part of a night out can sometimes be the 'prepping' stage ie; planning your outfit, tanning, giving yourself a little TLC. Well, this also applies for Birthdays and tonight is my birthday eve so I had myself a little pamper session. 

Starting with a long soak in the bath and having a good scrub with my Soap and Glory Pulp Friction to get rid of any dead skin and any lingering tan I may have left on. 

Whilst in the bath I like to use the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask, it absorbs excess oil and deeply cleanses skin. It has salicylic acid which helps in refing skin's texture. This really is a gem of a product, it is around £5 and even my boyfriend likes to use it once in a while. I love a good clay mask, they really feel like they're working on your skin too and your skin feels refreshed when you wash it after is has dried and darkend, which is a good indicator, I leave it on for around 15 minutes.

Then for a birthday glow, my all time favourite tanning product St Tropez Bronzing Mousse in Dark. I have loved St Tropez since my High school days, always the mousse as it is fail proof in my experience, as long as it has touched your skin, however uneven it may look as it develops, it will wash off beautifully. I promise. The new Dark version doesn't disappoint, it gives a lovely colour and it is green based which is better for fake tan, as it leaves a more olive toned tan, looking more natural than orange.

For a hair mask, I have been trying the Percy & Reed 'Totally TLC Hydrating mask' I got this free in Glamour magazine a while back, I like it, it has coconut oil which definitely helps my hair. 

And finally, I am going to paint my nails Barry M 302 Fuschia, to add a pop of colour, (cringing as I write this, so clich√©) as it is my birthday and I will more than likely wear black so want a bit of bright colour. 

That was ramble for today. I'm off to rumage through my wardrobe to put together a last minute outfit for a meal I'm having with my boyfriend and our friends tomorrow evening for my brithday. Gaahh, I'm going to be 22.

Rachel xo


  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow :) I hope you have a fabulous time celebrating!! I loved reading your prep. I'm like this too, long soak, then tan.


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