Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Make a wish!
So, if I haven't banged on about it enough, yesterday was my birthday. I turned 22 and I had a fabulous day. It was the first year that I haven't spent my birthday with my family, even last year when I was living in Spain, my family and boyfriend flew out for a visit, but this year I am back in the UK, studying for my final year of Uni and living in a nice little flat with my boyfriend, so the duty fell in his hands. Boy did good. 
I had breakfast in bed, opened presents and cards then headed off into town to spend some money I kindly recieved for my birthday. Me and the fella grabbed some lunch, shopped and strolled through town enjoying the sun (yippee) before going out for a Chinese meal with some friends of ours.

Ted Baker silk kimono. Beautiful.
Ted Baker Silk Pyjamas
Topshop Woodstock Wedges

Birthday Flowers
Cake. Nom.

H&M Neon jumper - spending birthday money in Topshop - Aaron and I, posing with the birthday banner - Evening posing with the birthday banner -  Another with the Boy.

How cool are these Primark sunglasses? Totally appropriate for my birthday. 

I also recieved Nina Ricci perfume and body lotion, a Moleskine notebook, clothes and a really thoughtful 'goodie bag' of all the things I love, including candles, chocolate and a fashion magazine off of my lovely friend, Holly who said ''Well what do you get the girl who has everything?''

Very lucky! Had such a great birthday, full of laughter and I have spent today at Uni and generally recovering from all the Chinese food I consumed. 

Rachel xo 


  1. Ooo you got some lovely presents I love your ted baker pjs! I have been eyeing up your stripey top from topshop as well for a couple of weeks might make the cheeky purchase tomorrow it looks so nice on you! xo


  2. Thankyou! Yes the topshop top is a beaut and I am so happy monochrome is in, as I pretty much live in black and white. Buy it, and Topshop have free delivery at the moment too. xx