Wednesday, 13 March 2013

'A-Z' B is for Brows

I have only really become quite particular with my eyebrows in the last year, but since the moment I picked up that first eyebrow pencil, there has been no looking back. I love eyebrows, so much so that I can make them a topic all of their own. 
I have always had quite thick eyebrows so I know they suit my face shape and last Summer I went and had HD brows, just to see what they're like. I was a bit nervous as I'd never had my brows done before, it was only ever my big sister or myself that would pluck them and nothing else, so waxing, threading and dyeing seemed a little daunting, and I was insistent on checking how the brow technician was going vis handheld mirror as I was afraid she would make them too thin, as line were quite thick, which she kindly informed me I must have been ahead of the times as it is currently trendy to have big sluggers, I'm looking at you Cara Delevigne. 

Anyway, I loved the results and I loved getting my eyebrows done, but since then I have moved back to Uni and in a different city so I have been maintaining them on my own. I've tried several eyeshadows and a brow palette with the wax but the product I swear by it the Rimmell Eyebrow Pencil in 004 Black Brown. I do like quite dark brows and I find this pencil does the job. It doesn't smudge and the lid has a little brush on the end which I use before the pencil to smooth them out.
Here it is, this pencil is well loved and so isn't looking that great but I use it everyday.

Somedays they may be a little too thick, dark or wonky (NYE- my Mum informed on New Year's Day, thanks) but we're all human, some days I can't draw them on equal, ok. 

Rachel xo


  1. It's taken me sooooo long to finally perfect my brow routine!
    I use the brow pencil to line them and brow powder to fill it in then neaten it up with concealer.. sound easy but it never used to look 'natural' or even!
    UK High Street Fashion

  2. I love big beautiful brows! I use this pencil or bareminerals brow powder, lovely blog, now following :) xxx