Saturday, 16 March 2013


So tonight I was just lounging on the sofa and having the designer bofriend that I do, always sketching things out, he reached for me. Et voilà, two fine pieces of body art. I thought the bird was impressive considering it took all of 10 seconds but the mirror, I have actually found myself to be quite fond of it and I will be sad to soak it away later tonight in the bath, well not really because you know, I'll be in a bubble bath.. I don't have any tattoos and don't know if I ever will but if I were to, I'd have it on the inner of my foot so I just said to Aaron ''draw whatever there'' and I think it is sweet what he came up with and reflects on how well he knows me *terrible pun* that he chose a beautiful mirror. Love this picture, instagrammed  it

Bit of a different post but just wanted to share. Anybody got any cool tattoos I should know about? 

Rachel xo    

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