Sunday, 17 March 2013

'A-Z' C is for Clarins

Skincare is important because with as much money you spend buying all the MAC collections, limited edition lipsticks and essentially, the entirety of Boots, having good skin and a beautiful base is the key to achieving a GFD- Good Face Day, and my weapon of choice? Clarins! 

I can have dry skin and when I was a teenager it could be quite sensitive, so I always opted for Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser and even now, I tend to have a bottle of it laying around as it does what it says, it doesn't irritate my skin and it is a rich formula. However, around 2 years ago, my older sister introuduced me to Clarins and I haven't looked back. I love their HydraQuench Cream and rave on about it to anyone that will listen. It is for Normal to Dry skin and it does have a slight perfumed scent but it doesn't irritate my skin, my skin actually loves it. 

Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum is a skincare dream, I have had a few bottles of the stuff and it is a firm favourite, it is unbelievably hydrating and you feel it straight away on your skin

The final member of the HydraQuench family is the Cream-Mask for Dehydrated skin, which you are meant to leave on your skin for 10 minutes. I find I leave this on a little longer and I may have even slept in it once, I am all for a little extra hydration, and it didn't affect my skin badly at all. 

I tried my Sister's Lotus Oil by Clarins, which is actually for Combination/ Oily skin and I just enjoyed using an oil on my face and I had before used Bio-Oil as I liked how rich an oil is for my skin, so I went and bought the right facial oil for me, the Santal Face Treatment Oil which is designed for Dry skin. I love this product and I have even mixed a little with the HydraQuench cream before and it seemed to work quite well. 

My last favourite from Clarins is their Gentle Peeling cream, which works as an exfoliant. You spread a thin layer over your face, be sure to work quicky, this stuff sets almost instantly. Then let it sit on your skin for a mintute or two then use warm water to wipe it away, I like to use a cleanser after to get rid of any bits that may be lingering. 

I really do reccomend anything from the Clarins range, they have something for everyone.  I like their makeup too, in particular their bronzer. 

So to recap, girl loves Clarins. Girl may have also made her boyfriend quite the fan of their Men's range. Shh! 

Rachel xo

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