Sunday, 17 March 2013

Wishlist #3

Wish, wish

So another week has passed and I have been buried beneath Uni work so this afternoon I did a little window shopping via my laptop and I have found a few pieces I need, seriously. 

The white skirt is different to anything I have and I love the sheer panel, a night-out staple piece. 

The neon yellow clutch, I have talked about the orange version before but I think I prefer this one and yellow seems to be having a moment, I've seen a lot of it in shop windows recently. I don't seem to suit yellow so this is nice way to incorporate it into my wardrobe. 

Seeing as I have just said I don't suit yellow, this jacket choice may be a little hypocritical. I think I could get away with this as it has the white marl look to it which breaks it up a little. 

The white necklace is from Topshop, the best place for jewellery in my opinion. White jewellery can look a bit cheap- again, my opinion- but I like this as it has the spikes which is a trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon and I would wear it with a simple black top. 

The pink jumper is beautiful, it is from Topshop and I've got the same jumper in Khaki and Black so this summery pale pink would be a welcome addition. 

I have tried to be quite strict with my spending recently but I just want to shop now. Ugh, shopaholic not so-anonymous. 

Rachel xo



  1. lovely colours, like that jumper, so summery ;)X

  2. beautiful jacket, the colour is perfect for the up coming and very much awaited spring/summer!