Thursday, 28 March 2013

Wedding Belles Part 1

Wedding Belles
I have been a bit MIA this last week on my blog, I was taking some much needed R&R back home with my family for a short and sweet Easter break. During my visit, my Mum, big sister and myself went Wedding shopping, my sister is getting married next year and seeing as I aren't often home we thought we'd best use our time together to sort of the most important part of the day, The Dress. It was a lovely day and I think she may have found 'The One'. Whilst in what can only be described as dress heaven, I got thinking about what everyone else will wear for the Big Day. I know I'll be wearing my Bridesmaids dress so I took it upon myself to scour the internet to find some wedding appropriate attire that I would wear if I weren't Head Bridesmaid. 

1. ASOS. Just enough 'sweet and romantic' without looking like you're a Flower Girl. 
2. ASOS A personal favourite of mine. Almost wish I wasn't a part of the Bridal party so I could justify making a cheeky purchase.
3. Topshop Beautiful colour and fabric. Understated elegance with the sleeve length, too. 
4. ASOS A bit different for a wedding but I love monochrome. 
5. Topshop This is a Kate Middleton lookalike, if it's good enough for her..
6. Topshop The same style as no.4 but in blue/purple. 

I have chosen a few more dresses which I'll post in a following post.

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