Tuesday, 5 March 2013



A new handbag is a great way of updating your look quickly and affordably whilst putting a spring in your step when you're carrying your new arm candy around. The high street has come up trumps with their selection of styles just recently and I picked a few of my favourites and wanting to sing their praises- not literally. 

1. This peach delight is from ASOS   and it is a perfect little clutch for Spring and the front pocket very loosely reminds me of the Mulberry Willow bag, front pockets are in ladies! 

2.   The Zara studded bowling bag  is a bit pricey and not Spring looking at all but when is new black bag enough black bags? Never. The studded detail is an alternative to the Alexander Wang Rocco bag that was a style staple for a long time. Again, note the front pocket. It's a trend I tell ya. 

3. The YSL rip off  clutch is from Ebay  and I mainly like this for the colour, it is described as Dark Beige and I see it as a taupey grey, I love this tone of colour all year round and the simple design is beautiful and you could wear it everyday. 

4. Who doesn't love a bit of animal print? This clutch is another great find off of ASOSPerhaps more of an evening bag or if you had somewhere to dress up for in the day but still a lovely bag I would be happy to clutch onto as I went about my day. 

5. I have seen a lot of these neon box bags around recently and ZARA didn't disappoint with their own one. I really want this bag as it is just so cool and I don't have anything like it. The box bag has a zip pouch within it so your things wont clack around in the plastic box, but you could remove it too if you wanted your phone and lippy to be seen, which looks cool too. Want, want, want. 

6. This bag by Pieces but found on ASOS is, for lack of a better word, perfect. The size is suitable to lug around all your things at once, the shape is the popular 'bucket' that Zara did so well last year and I love the colour, nice and neutral grey but it has the ombré effect, which can be a little bit too 'done' but I like it on this bag. 

Do you like any of these bags or spotted one yourself? 

Rachel xo  


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