Sunday, 3 March 2013

March and what it will bring..

I think it is nice to document things on a blog and listing what you have to look forward to can really remind you of what you've got good, I myself didn't really think March would mean anything but the Uni library for me, which I'm sure will still hold the #1 spot for my March activities but here are a few little things that I have to look forward to. 

The weather is getting that bit less chilly and lighter nights and sunny days are more than welcome. 

Hopefully will be able to give my new Topshop wedges some much deserved attention as I have only worn them once so far as I fear my toes would drop off through the cold weather we have been having. 

I will visit home, I am so busy with Uni, dissertation and exams are gruelling, but we have Easter break and I will take a much needed trip home for 5 or so days. Looking forward to seeing my dog, Maddi. And my big sister has moved into her first home with her fiance and I am excited for my first visit.

Whilst I'll be at home I will have a catch up with my friends who are busy with their own post-grad studies. 

I have really got back into the gym and have a bit of a routine going with my boyfriend now, and I like a bit of routine in my life. 

Game of Thrones will return, yes it is the 31st of March but it is still something to look forward to, it is the show that me and my boyfriend love and enjoy watching together.

I have ordered a new handbag off of H&M online and it will be delivered in the next few days, a shallow thing but still something to look forward to all the same. 


What have you got to look forward to this March? 

Rachel xo 


  1. march is such a beautiful month - and it sounds like yours will be spent well! I get to have my spring break this month!

  2. I really need to get back into the gym too, Summer is coming after all!