Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Haul

This afternoon I went into town as the last two days I haven't seen daylight thanks to my dissertation taking over my life currently, and after returning something to Topshop and I headed to my favorurite shop that I spend far too much time in, Boots. I picked up a few bits as you can see. What I was most excited about is the 'Fast' shampoo and conditioner, they were £25 which is a bit steep but I spend so much money on hair products that claim to help accelerate hair growth that I thought I would give this a go as it seems to be getting attention at the moment. I will document any hair growth to see if it lives up to it's claim. 

I had a 25% off voucher for any shampoo and conditioner so I went for one of my favourites, the Dove Nourishing Oil Deep Conditioner, and I've read a downside of the Fast shampoo is that your ends can feel drier so I wanted a new deep conditioner anyway. 

V05 Dry Shampoo, another favourite of mine and I had run out so this was a repurchase. 

Garnier Moisture Match, I chose the one for dull skin as I like anything that brightens. This is a gel consistency, I tried it on the back of my hand and it smells good and soaks in super quick. 

I needed a new mascara and have tried a few from Rimmell and always liked them, this is new and was on offer for £5.99. 

I grabbed one of the new Tresemme Platinum Strength shots as I've heard good reviews on this and again, if the Fast shampoo might be a bit drying, this will be a welcome little treat for my hair, and it only takes 60 seconds. 

I love a nude nail and the relatively new Barry M Gelly nail polish in the shade 'lychee' looks lovely. 

I am a long time lover of Glamour magazine and didn't think the next issue was out until this coming Tuesday, magazines always seem to come out on a Tuesday, no? We were in M&S and my boyfriend noticed it, he knows my obsession with this magazine, and I was happy to see it has a freebie with the issue this month. It it the Percy & Reed hair range and there is the choice of a Shine shampoo, Shine conditioner, Shine finishing polish or the 'No oil' hair oil. I went for the oil as I love a good hair oil and always interested in trying new ones. 

Now, I am off to go paint my nails with the Barry M Lychee polish and read Glamour magazine before going out for food tonight with some friends. 

Hope you've had a good weekend. 

Rachel xo

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