Sunday, 10 March 2013

Zara shoes, want.


Zara can do no wrong in my eyes and after having lived in Spain for year, in small city where Zara was the only women's fashion shop, I fell all the more in love with its fashion. Their shoes in particular are beautiful and these 2 pairs on now on my wishlist. 

They add up to £100 combined so I may just have to wait on a purchase but I think it is still relatively affordable if you compare them to Topshop prices. The black court shoes with gold-capped detail are stunning and would look lovely in an evening or to dress up a simple jeans and a blazer. That is at least how I would wear them.  

The sandals are also very much coveted by me, I got some lovely back wedge sandals from Topshop for my birthday last month and want a nude pair too and I love the contrast between the nude leather and the dark mahogany? wood heel. 

Want, want. 

This blog makes me look so greedy. 

Rachel xo