Sunday, 21 April 2013

Clothes rack

Living with a designer can have its perks, one being custom made furniture and another is the numerous trips to IKEA. Upon my latest visit I found this clothes rail. It was only £11 and I've always wanted one because of all the ways I've seen them styled into the decor of a bedroom and also, I need the extra space for my growing stash of textiles. My rail is far from desirable currently and I aim to make it look much more chic with a proper selection of clothes on display but I do love it already nonetheless. 

Rachel xo


  1. I used to have these rails at uni :( miss them loads.

    I have a hair product give away on my blog.. if you wanted to enter?

    jessie x

  2. ah clothes rails are super fun :) I love setting out my outfits for the week on it and making mine look pretty :) It's always a source of inspiration for me during the week <3

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