Thursday, 18 April 2013

Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wishlist

I am a notorious list maker, I actually enjoy getting out my Moleskin notebook and compiling to-dos and shopping lists. Recently it has been more of the latter, my only to do as of late is work, eat and shower. Uni, you are killing me.  I've been taking notes of products I've seen crop up and I've compiled a list of what I really want to try for myself. 

The Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder. I will absolutely buy this once I'm over with Uni and working again, my student loan won't stretch this far. It is such a unique product as it has an ash tone which creates the shadow you want for your contour. I quite like my cheekbones and would be interested to try this to emphasise them. 

Sleep-in Rollers. I swap between washing my hair in a morning and at night. I find that when I sleep with freshly washed hair, god knows what I do but I awake with nothing less than a bird's nest upon my head. I know theses rollers are designed for volume but seriously, even if they just help in smoothing my hair out that's a plus in my books. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. I took a little detour from the Uni library yesterday and just happened to stumble into Debenhams. I tried the Urban Decay BB cream (amazing - almost purchased but I resisted - pats self on back) and the lady at the counter set it with this and although I didn't thoroughly road test it with my leisurely stroll through town, it intrigued me and I will definitely look into buying this. 

Topshop Lipstick in The Damned. I am a big fan of the Topshop lippies and on my daily visit to the 'New in' page of I saw this beauty. It is the exact colour I have been thinking of getting, it is described as purple but it looks to me to have a little pink in there too, making it more wearable. Another item I will look to pick up in the near future as it is only £8. 

REN Radiance Perfecting Serum. I'm all for a bit of radiance and I love me my serums. In the evenings I use Lancôme’s Génifique and I love the feel of this product on my skin and it leaves it feeling so soft so I'm certain I would like this REN product as it too is a serum but it claims to leave your skin plump and bright. Perfect. 

So there you have it, my list of gluttony. There is always something I want and I am definitely having a 'beauty' moment rather than clothes, I didn't see anything in my local Topshop and I literally can't walk past it without my purse crying a little. 

Is there a particular beauty product you're interested in trying? Have you tried anything I've mentioned? 

Rachel xo

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