Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Review: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme

Having dry and brittle hair can really ruin the whole look of your hair and the ends in particular always need a little TLC. I bought Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme way back in August time and have used about half. The reason it is lasting me is because I don't reach for it all that often. I first heard about this product 18 months ago and had always wanted to try it but it seemed on the pricier side so I left it for a while. I went for the 'extreme' version thinking it would give that extra bit of nourishment and care which I thought I needed. I was wrong. 

This pre-shampoo treatment is too much for my hair and I should have gone for the original elasticizer that is so heavily raved about within the beauty community. The extreme elasticizer, upon reading the tub, is designed for afro carribbean hair and I find when I use it it is too heavy for my fine hair and although it is perhaps doing some good, no matter how much I rinse and shampoo I cannot get rid of all the residue in my hair and after drying it instantly feels thick with product and almost sticky? 

It is a shame I bought the wrong product for my hair type but we learn from our mistakes. I will use and finish this product but I tend to do it on a Friday or Saturday where I intend on doing nothing that weekend and don't wash my hair again until Monday so it isn't a waste in using it and I won't care what I look like for 48 hours. Oh the glamour, my poor fella. 

I'd be interested to try the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer to see if it suits my hair type more than the extreme version I purchased. 

Have you tried a pre-shampoo treatment? Any recommendations? 

Rachel xo


  1. I tried the original Elacticizer and didn't really like it! I just didn't feel like it did that much for my hair in general :( x

    1. Oh really? Well I was disappointed with the 'extreme' too so I'd really have to think before buying the original. Maybe it is just one of those products where we don't get the hype. Thanks for the comment! x