Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Primark Sandals

These shoes are from Primark and cost a mere £12. They have a wedge heel which makes them comfortable to walk in, though do be warned, these rubbed my feet the first time I wore them out. These are very much 'inspired' by the likes of Zara but with a much friendlier price tag. I haven't seen anything special in Primark for literally months so was pleased to find these.

I styled these with jeans and a kimono the day I wore them out and I think these could be worn in both dressy and casual occasions. I'm looking forward to the weather getting better and better so I can wear these with skirts or just skinny jeans and a tee. 

For £12 I would reccomend these to anyone and I myself am having a shoe moment so these are a welcome addition.

Rachel xo


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