Wednesday, 24 April 2013

April Showers

April Showers

Let's face it. Here in Britain rain is quintessentially British and though we are having practically  a heat wave these past days compared so these grey skies we are sadly quite accustomed to, we have to be prepared for a little drizzle here and there. I've compiled a few favourites that are on the market that keep us dry whilst but look great. Think of it as an accessory, for how often we reach for one, we might as well wear them well. 

Top left, Topshop. Paisley print that will brighten up your day.

Top middle, River Island. Lilac with a skull handle detail and crystal embellishment.

Top right, Accessorize. Spring in a print, blossoming flowers.

Bottom left, Topshop. A nod to the nautical trend.

Bottom middle, ZARA. Panther print. Always a winner.

Bottom right, River Island. A dome that will keep you well protected and the neon pink is a nice touch.

Here is to hoping we won't need our umbrellas this Spring/ Summer but if we do, atleast we can style it out a little with these beauties. 

Is it awful I wouldn't mind a little bit of rain to justify the Zara purchase. No, I take that back. 

Rachel xo

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