Monday, 6 May 2013

Bright Eyed Girl

With my University life having officially ended one week ago today, as bitter-sweet as it may be, I certainly will not miss my last few months, a blur of books, highlighters and my far too frequent typing of the word 'acquisition'. My tired eyes are sadly not the product of one too many spontaneous nighst out but to the life I had succumb to in the library. My 'look' went a little like this- bundle hair into topknot, spritz face with Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz and a swish of the Illamasqua nude eyeliner to bring a little life into my peepers. 

Before I discovered the Illamasqua liner, I had a white liner sitting at the back of a drawer that I never used as the stark contrast of white against my eyes actually made them look far from fresh and in fact, a little sore. 

Here is a top tip, a nude shade is perfect for brightening your eyes and is far more natural than a white pencil.

I picked up this pencil early in 2012 and since then Rimmel have released a cheaper but more or less idenitical product which you could pick up. I know MAC do a flesh toned eye pencil, also, though I believe it is only available in the Pro stores (don't quote me on that). 

I still reach for this product even with a 'full face' on, it really enhances your eyes and especially makes them bright in photographs. Such a simple but effective addition to your makeup look. 

Rachel xo

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