Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pull through Ponytail

The pull-through ponytail. This is such a simple but chic little 'do that will take one minute plus a little ruffle here and there for the perfect 'rolled out of bed' 'do. You will need to backcomb the back and lower crown of your hair for a bit of texture and adding a little dry shampoo for extra body wouldn't hurt. Use a little hairspray to give it some extra grip. Tie a ponytail towards the nape of your neck and gently loosen and divide just above your hair tie, then you pull the end through the divide. I like to pull at the ponytail to bring it all back together and it messes it up a little. Just pull at it and massage your crown a little for a perfectly undone look. My front pieces fall forward which I like as it softens the overall look. You can wear this both in the day and an evening. Finish with another spritz of hairspray all over. 

I will definitely be wearing my hair this way, it is so pretty for Summer and my friend commented that it reminded her of being at school and I am all for a little nostalgia

Yes, this is a cheeky instagram  snap. Feel free to follow me, I post a pretty random bunch of pictures. 

Happy backcombing! 

Rachel xo  

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