Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Desperately Seeking City Shorts

Having now bagged myself my first 'proper' job in the big, wide, post-Uni world I've had to incorporate some more formal pieces into my wardrobe. Dressing fairly smartly on a  day-to-day basis anyway, if I do say so myself, I haven't struggled too much to pull something together for the past 5 weeks but I do feel feel my work wardrobe needs a little tweaking here and there. One thing I've been eyeing up are city shorts- an office meets playground attire if you will, formal and structured but comfy and playful at the same time, these are especially an essential with the heatwave we are having at the moment, there are only so many times I can alternate my 2 pencil skirts, a handful of dresses that meet a suitable hemline and frankly, it's just too darn hot for trousers. 

I've had a nosey around on the high-street and found a few pairs that really stood out to me and what's best is that these can be paired with blouses, vests or tees to dress up or down and they look equally as chic with sandals or heels and if you want to take yourself out for some after work drinks and enjoy the lovely weather, you're safe in the knowledge that you won't look like you have so obviously dragged yourself away from your desk as your outfit won't scream 'office attire'. 

*Top tip- City shorts make for the perfect 'lunch-break sunbathing session' garment. Not too much leg that you'll raise eyebrows in the office but just enough for optimum tanning whilst you munch away through your sandwich and read the MailOnline on your phone- trust me, I know! 


City Shorts

 The pink pair are from ASOS . White floral are River Island and the White pair are also River Island.

Do you like the look of City Shorts? Would you wear them? 

Rachel xo

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