Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How To Style A Hat

Oh hi there, my face hasn't graced this place all that often.
How to wear a hat? The obvious and quick answer is to simply 'pop it on your head and smile' but if we're talking the over all styling and incorporating your new accessory into your look, it can feel like a daunting task.

Wearing a hat, to me, is quite a bold statement that I've always admired from afar but always slightly feared as I didn't know if it could be done myself. There is just something about hats that screams for attention and not in an obnoxious way but it just adds confidence and makes you look bang on trend in every season. I wanna get me some of that!

Here I mentioned that I had done a little shopping and bought a hat from Topshop. This was ground-breaking people, I don't 'do' hats, I'd always wanted to and I had dipped my toe into this fashion phenomenon which was so foreign to me back at Christmas with a Russian-esque fur hat. It was short but sweet affair that I hope to recover this coming winter as I did enjoy it so. *Note, I have since exchanged said hat for this little black number, also Topshop- black is much more 'me'.

Feeling like I'd like to give the hat thing another go I opted for a fedora hat in a neutral colour, optimising wearability if you're a little shy with colour clashing, like myself. 

Minimal is the key- At first I started wearing my hair with simple cuts and colours, typically skinny jeans and a light, jersey material, clean cut top so there wasn't much with the hat to clash or compete with and the hat does the talking for your outfit, keeping everything else minimal is the key. I'm a big lover of my 'basics' so any excuse to indulge in some more jerseys in black, white and grey was a party for my purse. 

Venturing further into foreign territory, I took my hat out on a little outing for drinks and dinner with some friends and I don't know how the whole hat-wearing etiquette stands while in a bar drinking but it didn't move from my head all evening. I gave myself a mental pat on the back for my small style victory. 

I'm wearing it more and more and trying to incorporate it into my look. I plan to wear it with a dress, or it could look cute with a skirt and denim shirt. Tackling a fashion-phobia that I've always wanted to do myself is really fun and I'll now try to wear more things I might have shied away from before. Double-denim? Shades of yellow or green I can never pull off? Who knows...

Rachel xo 

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