Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Memories Are Made Of This

So if I haven't already mentioned on here, I graduated from Coventry University in May with a 2:1 degree in English and Spanish with A Year Abroad BA Honours. While studying I was also given the opportunity to continue my French language and I took on Italian, not just a makeup maven but a budding linguist. A whole chapter of my life has well and truly ended, with a brief rendezvous coming up in November for my Graduation ceremony. 

To commemorate this chapter, my Godparents who are very close family friends bought me a very fitting graduation gift which I wanted to share on here as I think it is such a unique and meaningful present. Not that I didn't love my Michael Kors watch, Mum and Dad! 

This beautiful scrapbook is a blank canvas in which to document my life. I might have to add a few bits in that have already taken place, my year living and working in Spain for sure and most recently I've been working as freelance contributor to a local newspaper's beauty features desk, so the odd paper clipping might have to make an appearance. I am of course already mentally planning my entire outfit and makeup for my graduation for that perfect scholarly snap which is yet to grace these pages. 

I would definitely like to travel more in the future, the South of France and Italy have been calling to me lately and with my language whistle being well and truly wetted, I'd love to get my chops around the local lingo and add an aeroplane ticket stub or two to the current white wash pages. 

This scrapbook is absolutely beautiful and takes pride of place on my bookshelf. In years to come this will serve as a wonderful reminder of where life has taken me. I'm ready to get scrapping.. 

Do you have a scrapbook? 

Rachel xo

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  1. I definitely think that expensive presents aren't always the best. I prefer well thought out presents that take me by surprise. A scrapbook is actually pretty cool as it's more personal to you. A great gift idea!

    Ash :)