Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Double D Debate

DD+ = <Prices  >Options 
No, that is not some sort of algebraic equation you're facing, though it is a problem that needs solving. 

I am talking about bras, ladies. And more so, with the multiple shapes, sizes and varieties of support available we seem to have little divide emerging somewhere along that alphabet. The DD mark is where things start to change, everything generally gets bigger, the boobs, the straps, the hooks and sadly, the price tag.

Being in the DD+ category myself I can say with certainty that acquiring a good bra is much more difficult than it should be, right up there with jeans shopping, which the devil himself must have created, you know you won't be leaving that changing room all day and it really sucks the fun out of shopping. 

Walk into any store today, Primark, Topshop, even the more age and size friendly retailers like M&S and Debenhams and there is an evident lack of choice in the DD+ range than the A- DD sizes. High Street giant, Topshop does not even stock past a DD (naughty) which is a shame as they stock some truly beautiful bras. But why? They stock larger clothes sizes and the average bra size in the UK is 34D, thanks Google, so we should expect a fair range available under and above this average marker, shouldn't we?

Yes there are companies devoted purely to well endowed women but you're paying for this apparent privilege as you'll typically shell out £30+ for a basic, no frills T-shirt bra. Pick up a lacey number and your purse will practically wince at it's impending fate.
Come the time when you need an underwear drawer spring clean and a stock up of some nudes, blacks and whites for everyday attire, buying in bulk can be a little frightening when the numbers ringing up on the register sit somewhere comfortably along the 3 digit mark.

I read somewhere that underwear is a basic human right so why should size come into it?
This is something tha rattles me and I had to get off of my chest, not literally! 

Do you find bra shopping a chore?

Rachel xo

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