Sunday, 18 August 2013

Desk Mani Emergency

While at work earning those much needed pennies, I don't have my beauty stash to hand and the other day, while tip-tapping away on the keyboard, I had a mani-emergency. In my eyes anyway, but let's just go with it...
I noticed my cuticles and had a sudden urge to push them back and neaten them up. Sans stash I had to improvise a little and what I came up with wasn't too shabby. 

I reached for the closest, pointiest thing to me for my make-shift cuticle pusher backer and voila, my pen lid had been upgraded. The pointed nib made for a nifty cuticle executioner as it gently pushed those pesky cuticles back  and with a good dollop of hand cream thrown in to the mix to soften up those suckers, I was back to having more slightly sightly nails in a matter of minutes. 

As glamorous as paying a visit to your local salon? Heck no, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and this quick and effective trick along with my trusty duel-ended nail file come buffer - I'll have my own little nail parlour set up at my work desk and I'll enquire around the office for some potential clients ;) 

Rachel xo

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