Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Boy's Beauty Basics

There's only so much and so long a guy can resist when his girlfriend is a beauty boffin before he cracks and agrees to his own beauty overhaul. Let's just say, in my boyfriend's case, this was a long time coming. I've been with my Aaron for almost eight years now, time really does fly when you're having fun, and while I've grown up and progressed from Clean & Clear to Clarins and my penchant for makeup and beauty has developed into a full blown love-affair, Aaron has been along for the ride and picked up some basic beauty rituals of his own. 

Aaron is minimal with his look, we're talking 'wash & go' so his kit is as streamlined as can be. 

He keeps a bit of stubble on his chinny-chin-chin and maintains that manly fuzz with an electrical trimmer. 

For a long time, moisturiser to Aaron was a non-existent step in his non-existent skincare routine. After multiple gift sets from yours truly at any given holiday or when Boots had a 3 for 2 on, he slowly found his feet and Nivea For Men or Clarins when he's feeling fancy is where his gets his soft skin from. 

He wears his hair on a side parting and tames his thick (jealous? Me?) hair with a good gloop of hair wax or gel, he isn't fussy, as long as it keeps that lined parting in place, s'all good. 
That defined line I mentioned? He does have his own comb, now we're not talking full-blown Kenickie from Grease combing going on here, just a little side-sweeping action.

His one 'must-have' is Garnier's Eye Roll-On as he likes the caffeine boost which energises his tired eyes and I have to say, I'm a fan myself for it's instant effect and I always steal a swish for under my eyes. 

Obligatory deodorant is part of his kit, because if it wasn't we really wouldn't be on talking terms. He's a Perspirex man typically but Triple Dry was on offer this month and what can I say? My man is a savvy shopper. 

Over time I've managed to coax in some skincare bits and he is partial to a mud-mask and a good bubble-bath. There was that one time we had a little tanning-faux pas but we won't go into that....

A meterosexual-male in the making? Not quite, but he does smell nice.

Rachel xo

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