Saturday, 14 September 2013


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram , and if you don't, please do, the more the merrier, you'll know that I spent the weekend in Cardiff for my boyfriend's birthday. Aaron turned 24 on Sunday and we, in what has become quite the tradition for us, visited what is perhaps our favourite corner of the British Isles. We have friends there and Holly, who we have known since our first night as Freshers, kindly let us crash in her spare room which worked out nicely as she was our acting tour guide for the trip, though I'm pretty sure we could navigate out way around by now- I at least know where Zara and Topshop are which is always my main concern. 

 A drive-thru Starbucks!! My objective for the weekend was to experience this, it didn't disappoint. Wish we we had one near home.

We hit the road straight from work on the Friday and arrived that evening with just enough time to fit in a curry and some sofa surfing, sprawled out soothing our full stomachs and catching one another up on life's happenings. We rose bright and early Saturday and headed into Cardiff city, a short trip in the car from Holly's home in Penarth. On the journey we had a minor bump in the car (completely not Holly's fault) and oh my, a Welsh man really can talk his way out of anything.

I did a spot of shopping but restrained myself a little as I could tell the men on the shopping trip felt lie captives and couldn't wait to get away. And so, we took a break and went for food to refuel. Mixed appetites, I fancied sushi, others wanted thai or Italian, lead us to the old faithful and universally appetising, TGI Fridays, to get our chops around a juicy burger or steak.

We retreated home for some rest and relaxation, I soaked in the bath with a hot cup of tea, now that is some good hospitality, and we all get ready for an evening out on the tiles to ring in Aaron's birthday.

Shots shot, town painted red and take-aways scoffed, we bungled into a taxi and made our way home.

 On the Sunday morning, Aaron's actual birthday - who does he think he is having the whole weekend? We were all feeling a little fragile but it was nothing a Full English couldn't fix, complete with lava bread- a traditional Welsh dish which is essentially seaweed. I skipped on the lava bread but plucked for an extra large coffee in substitution of the green stuff that everyone bravely spread onto a slice of toast. There were murmurs of 'hmm.. like mackereal' and 'it tastes like the sea' if anyone is on the edge of their seat to know what is tastes like. 

We made our way into Cardiff Bay and spontaneously decided on taking a boat trip, so much fun and all that fresh air really helped perk us up after a heavy night. 

We ended our day with ice cream, listening to an amazing musician playing on the bay- perfect! 

Holly is the best in snapping 'in the moment' pictures, I have a many a cute snaps of Aaron and I because she has perfectly caught the moment, if you're reading, thanks Hol.

Rachel xo

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