Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Date Night

Last Friday night I was wined and dined by my lovely mister. It wasn't anything fancy but this was a bit of a treat for us, with Aaron's first pay packet since graduating, and having lived together for the past year and being accustom to eating our tea together pyjama-clad on our little sofa in our little flat, being asked out to dinner and drinks was an absolute delight. I happily accepted and got quite excited by the idea of a date night and so I pulled out a new dress that had been hanging in my wardrobe, waiting for the right occasion. 

The dress I wore is from Topshop- I, or should I say, Aaron picked it on a whim for me a few weeks back. I was scrolling the Topshop 'New In' section one morning and I spotted this neon number and it was already sold out, everywhere, except London. It must have been fate because Aaron was in London for that one day for a design exhibition and I persuaded him to take a trip to Oxford St. and pick it up for me. He is my modern-day hero. 

I also have to say, I'm extra pleased with this dress because although it was sold out everywhere- I haven't seen anyone else wearing it, which is something that often occurs when your main place to shop is Topshop, you just know you're gonna turn up somewhere looking like a Topshop sheep*. 

To go with my pink number, I wore my favourite bag from Topshop- it seems to go with everything and is the perfect size for my lugging needs, Primark sandals, Rose-gold Michael Kors watch to accessorise and I threw on my trusty H&M blazer that I bought more than four years ago when I was a Fresher at University.

My make-up was simply a touch-up of Friday's work face, a touch more bronzer, an extra coat of mascara and a pump of dry shampoo to refresh my hair. Note I am sporting natural, pale legs- I didn't have time to tan so I thought I'd rock the pale. 

We went to a 'posh pub' and chowed down on some belly pork and a tipple of vino before making our way into town to sample some cocktails and Aaron finished the night with a snifter of whiskey. It was a lovely evening and we had some good conversation and just enjoyed each other's company. 
A 'date-night' might have to become a regular thing for us now, I could certainly get used to this. Dating seems to be a lot of fun, regardless of whether you're with a new person on each date or with your one and only. What can I say, after eight years, he's still got it!  

Have you had a particularly good or bad date?

Rachel xo 

*A Topshop sheep is an individual who dresses identical to multiple others who shop in the same store. This is my own Urban Dictionary attempt.

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  1. Got a hilarious date post going up on Friday. Keep yo eyes peeled ;)

    Love this dress on you though! Such a good colour :)