Monday, 21 October 2013

The Sienna Miller Fringe

Sienna Miller in 'Alfie' - need I say more? Oh well okay then. Her makeup, her hair, that fringe, hold me.

Sienna Miller has always been a style icon of mine, right up there with the Olsens, I am such a cliché. I've pretty much nailed the monochrome look and have ample a smock dress and ankle boot in my collection, and have even ventured into an unfamiliar accessory, the fedora hat, all in the name of my style quest. Now all I need is her beautiful hair, mainly fringe. 

I'm in two minds about it though, my hair is notoriously stubborn in growing, I always sit around the shoulder length mark. I've tried hair vitamins, Lee Stafford's 'Hair That Doesn't Grow Past a Certain Length Treatment' and Fast Shampoo (which I think worked a teeny tiny amount) but 5 months down the line and I'm still brushing the same amount of hair. This growth stunt puts me off a fringe as I don't want to look too 'boxy' but at the same time I'm thinking I could wear a messy updo like Sienna and still have a little something going on with the choppy fringe while the rest of my hair is getting minimum styling and hopefully getting some much needed rest, leaving it stronger so it can grow longer? 

That's my (poetic) theory, anyway. 

Do I take the chop? 

Rachel xo

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