Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Whistles - The Perfect Clutch

So I'm doing a little recycling with this picture of me, it's an Anniversary snap but I haven't got a separate image of the Whistles clutch to show it off in all it's glory. There is a huge glass of wine in the way but surely we can all appreciate the beauty of this too? No? 

I finally got my mitts on a Whistles clutch bag a few weeks ago when I took advantage of Grazia's 25% discount code in their magazine, because it would have been rude not to.. 

 Whistles is one of those brands that is a little bit more fancy, expensive and therefore that much more of a treat to get my hands on. I've wanted a simple clutch of theirs for well over a year now but always made do with my ever faithful Topshop for all my tote-ing needs. 

The simple design with a thick but neat gold zipper is a nice touch and of course the embossed 'Whistles' logo. This cluch is cream on the reverse, so you can change it up and carry it as different colour if you fancy, making it two bags in one. Along with the multi-functional use of it working as a makeup bag/ evening bag/ zippy-pouchy-thing, it was practically a steal.

I'm very happy with this clutch and I feel that is an 'essential item check-list' well and truly ticked. Now to do a happy dance in my room, I feel a rendition of James Brown's 'Papa's got a brand new bag' coming on.. 

Rachel xo  

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