Thursday, 14 November 2013

Things To Keep In Tow

When you're out and about you never know when disaster may strike and you always want to be prepared for any issue, great or small. If you're anything like me and lug around everything but the kitchen sink, you may aswell check on your stash to keep some of these handy things to keep in tow.

Tampons- Pretty self explanatory but you always want to be prepared and there is always that girl in the loos who has that unpleasant surprise. Help a sister out.

Concealer-That pesky blemish just won't vacate your face? Keep some concealer for touch-ups or if you're feeling like a zombie by mid-week and need to cover up those dark shadows under your eyes, concealer is your friend. Always.

Nail File- I've lost too many nails through being unprepared for a mani-emergency. Keeping a nail file close by means no need for picking and biting a snagged nail.

Hair comb- I know unkempt, bushy hair is kinda cool yada, yada, yada, but I like smooth locks myself. I prefer a comb over a hairbrush on my own fine hair. It doesn't leave my hair static which a brush often does and it slips in nicely to any bag as it's so slim. 

Lip balm- Keep flaky lips at bay all day with a lip balm. I probably spend a good hour of my day applying lip balm and always have a few on rotation at one time. You never know if someone will need the kiss of life and your lips may be at service. Pucker up.

Hand Cream- I am an avid hand-moisturiser, after everytime and wash my hands to give back the moisture and generally throughout the day to keep my hands soft. Hands are one of the first signs of ageing so you want to keep them looking spick and span for as long as you can. 

Pins- Pinning your hair up can disguise a whole lotta 'bad hair day'. Say if you've got caught in the rain and your fringe is looking a little kinky, twist it to the side and pin it, do a quick plait (the messier the better, don't worry) and tuck it to one side, make an elaborate chignon or just stick it up into a quiff, those pins can create masterpieces.

Perfume Smelling pretty is nice. Need I say more?

Hardly the most inspiring of lists but essential for your day-to-day lives I'm sure. Now all I need to do is follow my own advice...

Rachel xo

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