Monday, 11 November 2013

Graduation. What to wear?

In two weeks I'll be graduating from University after 4 years of pain-in-the-arse translations, library all-nighters and writing the word 'acquisition' more times than I care to remember, thanks dissertation! So to mark this very special occasion I've been shopping at a a rate than even scared myself and I know how to shop, in preparation for the most picture perfect outfit I'll ever wear, Wedding Day aside of course. 

To add to my conundrum of 'what to wear' I have the Mister's Graduation 4 days prior to my own at the same venue ( we went to the same University) so I've got to secure two outfits.  Aaron's day will be a good road test for the weather and to spy on what other girls from different courses have come up with for their big day. A few of my friends who did 3 year degrees gave some pearls of wisdom; 

Don't wear a flowy dress. If it's windy you'll be concentrating on keeping your hat on and you don't want to flash your knickers too!

Don't wear something too loose fitting. Too boxy a cut and paired with your cape over, you may well just end up looking like a sack of spuds.

The LBD is your friend- Figure hugging, classic, safe.

For Aaron's day I'm thinking outside of the box and I've picked up a (p)leater pencil skirt from ZARA, which was a steal at £29.99 and I'm thinking of pairing it with my new Topshop fluffy knit. Too risque? 
Or a black dress with a patterned blazer? Or a white crepe Topshop dress with a black oversized blazer? Oh I quite like the sound of this one, I'll remember this one for my next 'drinks' night.

Then we have my day. I initially wanted to wear a white dress and picked up the Crepe Shift Dress, but I fear it may be a little too sheer? Nothing a good set of pants can't fix though surely? 
Next to land on my doorstep was a ZARA dress with a mesh instert and sleeves. This is stunning and ticks all the boxes. black. Fitted. Good length. My only problem is, how shall we say...quite a handful, and I don't want too much cleavage on show.. 

I might wear my hot pink dress from Topshop I wore here. 
Graduation A

Can you tell I'm really putting  thought into this? I don't want to freeze to death all in the name of fashion (well, maybe one day I will..) but you know, style over substance is my mantra in this case.

Damn you Coventry for having winter ceremonies. At least the hat will keep me warm, right?

Rachel xo

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  1. I had my graduation in November too, it was so cold! I ended up wearing a red knee length dress that looks really nice on with some heels (but flats for the ceremony). My tips are take some bobby pins to keep your hat secure, and don't forget safety pins for your gown and hood!