Sunday, 10 November 2013


My pining for the Diptyque Figueir candle is a daily struggle to overcome and further resist until that 25th day in December. And so, when I spotted a candle in Sainsburys on my all too often lunch-break dash, with notes of Amber and Fig, I thought it would be rude not to indulge my nose in a much needed figgy fix.

This scent ''Golden Fig'' is from a candle range exclusive to Sainsburys and cost a very worthy £7.50, just a fraction of the Diptyque candle I've spent many an evening wishing I had burning in my bedroom. 

This candle has a gorgeous scent to it, though I'm not good with my words when it comes to scent, I can say this... After burning for half an hour or so, the candle gradually gives off a warm but fresh fragrance. It isn't at all overpowering for my own preference and I really smelt (and appreciated) the candle's scent once returning to my room after it had been burning a while (I only left my room for a minute, don't leave a candle burning unattended, it's dangerous kids!

I'm really happy I bought this candle and I've really 'experimented' with this scent I had such high expectations for as with every whiff of the Diptyque one, I salivate more and it's nudged it's way higher up my Christmas wishlist now I know this kind of scent is definitely for me. 

Oh please Santa, make my Diptyque dreams come true! Wink wink. 

Rachel xo


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