Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Neutral Hue

My love for a neutral nail has been well documented on here, with the occascional red creeping in, because there is just something about it, like a red lip, my fingertips prefer a wash of a cooler palette, blacks, greys, nudes and smokey-taupey hues are where it's at in my books. 

L'Oréal stock quite an impressive stash of colours and their stand in boots could easily rival Essie. The size of their bottles is something I like and is pretty unique to them, aside from Mavala who's are teeny-tiny. They're a practical size for travel and one bottle of polish I reckon I could actually finish off before it met it's gloopy fate. 

One particular attribute to L'Oréal is their stack of nuetral shades which I was admiring for quite some time when I last popped into town. 
A few of them may have winged their way into my basket- they were just too pretty, just look at them! And it was 3 for 2 so...

I'm currently sporting the smudgey grey shade 'Soft Chinchilla' 622 and I can't stop admiring my nails as I sit here typing away.

The finish is beautiful and absolutely opaque in two coats. We're now on day 4 and we have just one chipped thumbnail. Result! 

These are new favourites in my overflowing polish stash that have already earned their title of a ''Rachel nail'' by my boyfriend, who knows my love for a good neutral.  

They're my kinda hue. 

Rachel xo  

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  1. these look so pretty ! x