Monday, 4 November 2013

Grey Tones

Next Sunday I'm going back under the bleach and returning to my roots, (kind of) I've been blonde for as long as I can remember and then Little Miss Puberty kicked in and out came a darker hue on top of my head. I tackled this for many years with copious highlights, DIY dye jobs, the lot.  Until my tired hair gave in one day and I succumb to my roots and have been living the brunette life for a good few months now. Well enough is enough, I'm missing my lighter locks and I've been taking extra care to keep it tip-top prior to my impending dye job.

I'm kind of new Pinterest  but I've pinning as though my life depended on it these past few days, trying to find the perfect shade that I can show my hairdresser, Laura, and say ''make me look like this'' if only it was as simple as that. 

My toning taste is a little confused I admit, as I'm somehere in the middle of an ash blonde- white- grey kind of hue. I'm having a full head of foils and I'll perhaps stick to just one shade to begin with as my hair is pretty dark at the moment so no low-lights will be neccasary. Then we'll take it from there with toner etc.. once the damage has been done and I know what I'm working with.

I've got a whole post on the after-care being penned at the moment so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Blondie? I'm coming home..  

Rachel xo   

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  1. Hope you find the shade your're looking for! I'm a total brunette so I have no idea of how to go about being blonde though, haha!