Sunday, 3 November 2013

The New Thing: Topshop Fluffy Knit Tee


Another weekend, another shopping trip and yet another new piece added to my clothes rack. What is it that's winged it's way home with me? This fluffy knit top from Topshop. 

Topshop never lets me down when I'm hunting for my latest purchase-to-be and this time was no exception. I toyed with buying the cream version similar to this but there were two problems; 1) it was not as fine a fabric as the one I picked up, being a more heavily knitted material and making me look a little too puffy on top and looking familiarly like a sheep and  2) It wasn't black, obviously. 

This is such a cosy knit and a nice change from my long-sleeved fine knits I have permanently attached to my body at this time of year. 
I'm thinking I'll pair it with jeans, my leather skirt and American Apparel Disco Pants, which haven't made an appearance for many months now. 

This fluffy tee is quite festive and I'll be sporting this on the run up to and over Christmas rather than that old Rudolf jumper. 

A little slice of Christmas for £28? Very merry! 

Rachel xo 

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