Thursday, 31 October 2013

Double Up

Amongst my heaving beauty stash there are the odd few products which keep appearing, month after month without fail. Gathering in their pairs they're causing quite the commotion for my frivolous need to try and buy one of everything, I just keep going back to these bad boys. They've got me hook, line and sinker. 

L'oreal Miceller Cleansing Water- When I first tried this, 3 bottles back, I was a bit 'meh' about the whole cleansing water thing but thought I'm best to try at as I was afraid I could be missing out on something wonderful. I love this stuff and use it as the first step of my cleanse in an evening to get rid of the nitty-gritty or use a cotton-pad soaked of the stuff to refresh my face in a morning. It is so cheap and it doesn't upset my skin. 

Sally Hansen acrylic top coat- before I got acquainted with OPI there was Sally. A top & base coat that promised strong, unchippable nails. Sally never let me down. The first bottle went gloopy and was past being salvaged so I made a cheeky repurchase. Warning: this can leave a slight jelly-like layer on your nails and take some serious soaking, but on the plus side, your nails 'aint going nowhere!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer- Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, a goodie in everyone's books and something I always have laying around in the bottom of a bag and neatly stashed away in my MUJI storage. I use the shade Light 2 though one of the tubes is looking suspiciously orange, I assure you it isn't. 

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant- I'm really not a sweaty person so my reliance on this super strength deo is hard to explain.  I first used Sure Maximum Protection when I moved to Spain, oh yeah I lived and worked in Spain for a year if I haven't mentioned that enough on here, and I thought I'd best up the ante in the pitts department if I'm going to be working and not just lazing on a beach for a year - (I wish!) This prevailed through 40+ degrees in a stuffy classroom with 30 children and I never once broke a sweat, a true test surely? I've never looked back and have been feelin' fresh ever since.

V05 Dry Shampoo- I used to be a batiste girl and rejoiced in the white powdery finish it left on my roots, it was like a fresh head of bleach foils for my roots. However, since toning things down and being much more au naturel with my mane, I needed a dry shampoo that didn't leave me looking like I got into a fight with a bottle of talc. The V05 dry shampoo is really fine in texture and doesn't dry out your hair or feel matted. I can't tell you how many cans I've worked my way through. 

What are the beauty bits you always repurchase? 

Rachel xo

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