Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Fugly Shoe

Fashion is a funny thing and can be open to a lot of debate on what's hot and what's not. Though I'm hardly the most daring and fashion-forward woman out there, to my other half, I am one plaid sweater away from causing him utter revoltion in how I dress. He has vetoed many an item when we're out shopping together as he thinks some things are just plain ugly. 
Though I sometimes listen to his opinions (and value them) and opt on not getting an item that would cause him utter embarrassment walking alongside me through town or if he truly thinks something doesn't suit me. Other times, I throw caution to the wind and let out my inner 'man repeller' and buy and wear whatever I want, thank you very much! 

My latest purchase that my boyfriend and perhaps all men alike don't 'get' are my new Topshop shoes. They're chunky, clodhopper shoes and I bloomin' well love 'em! 

My fugly shoes; fashionable + ugly (well, according to some) = fugly, have hardly left my feet through we had a 'getting to now one another' moment where I might have suffered the odd blister. All has been forgiven for the initial pain and I'm pairing these with smock dress and tights, skinny jeans and chunky knits. I haven't reached for my boots half as much since I've bought these as they're just as cosy on the feet and the leather tops are waterproof but with the temperature taking a slight dip, maybe,  just maybe I'll shop around for some new winter boots before it's too late altogether. 

Rachel xo


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