Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Hit List

It's all a bit of a mixed bag I've got here; some new, some old, some things I just really like but all deserving of a shout out.

The CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour is my new favourite cheek colour and I give my brush a swirl over the three shades, the highlight, the bronzer and the pink pop of colour and I fins it gives just the right amount for that dewy flush I'm after. I know this will be great for when I go on holiday in July.

I picked up the Bumle and bumle Surf Shampoo pretty soon after it was released and used it a few times quite happily but my dry hair needed something much richer. Fast forward to now and my hair is healthier and can take a bit of rough and tumble and so I've whipped this back out for some much needed texture (hello trying to grow your fringe out- my hair sits so flat framing my face). 

Speaking of my much healthier hair. It's down to a number of things and products but my saviour has been the Sacha Juan Leave-in Conditioner. I ordered this from Cult Beauty and I don't think I'll never not have it now. I use it everytime I wash my hair on damp hair and I've even spritzed the ends on days that my hair is feeling dry and I'll wear it up that day. Go and buy this. 

I haven't bought a Topshop nail polish in yonks so when I was last in store and queuing up I randomly decided to pick one up as they're staggered around the till area (sneaky placement I always fall for) and I plucked for the shade Profound. A mix of lilac and pink with a somewhat milky tone to it. I've just tonight painted my nails with Essie Fiji but in a few days I'll crack this bottle open to test it. 

I bought the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream completely on a whim but had a niggling feeling I wouldn't like it. Well gut, your instinct was off-this is bloody brilliant. I use this almost everyday for work as I tend to wear my makeup really simple (read: I'm tired and I slap on whatever's in reach) and this has really done the job. Again, I think I'll like this to take on holiday with me for the evenings.

I was given a sample of the Bumble and bumble Invisible Oil and I have been using it in place of Moroccan Oil. I much prefer bumble and bumble's offering- it is lightweight, leaves my hair so soft and it has the added bonus of having a heat protectant in the oil too.

The Body Shop are launching their new moisturiser Grapefruit Body Souffle later this month and at work we got sent it to try and it was me who got the part of guinea pig. Funny story now- I thought this was shower gel so I was using it in the shower but now I've learnt it is in fact a 'body souffle'. Either way, the scent is seriously amazing, so zingy and refreshing. Perfect for summer.

With the sun we've been having  lately I went a bit mad over the weekend in the garden and found myself in a bikini, tanning oil and all and I managed to catch quite a lot of sun, too much even. So I whipped out some after-sun I'd bought the last time the sun came out. Garnier Refreshing Sorbet with Melon Extract smells good enough to eat, like seriously! As you would expect it's soothing but it sinks into the skin so quickly and doesn't leave that sticky, thick feeling other after-suns do. Yet another product I'll be remembering when it's time to go on my holiday. 

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